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Film Review: Taken 2

Having not learned to not anger Liam Neeson the last time he went medieval on them, some evil foreigners are at it again, with predictable results, in Taken 2. Like how Die Hard 2 just capably did Die Hard in an airport, Taken 2 is essentially Taken in Turkey; …



Film Review: Battleship

The recent history for American action films based on Hasbro toys didn’t inspire a great deal of confidence for Battleship; GI Joe and the Transformers trilogy were bad, and in the Battleship trailer there were plenty of visual similarities to those. Though maybe doing a film based on a …



Film Review: Wrath of The Titans

Despite dealing with Gods, Titans and flying horses, the 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans was tedious and lacked any of the original’s charm. But with the back-story now established and the whole of Greek mythology to play with, I hoped that Wrath of the Titans could be less …



Film Review: The Grey

The Grey is a high-concept survival thriller featuring a group of manly men, with just their wits to rely on, versus an Alaskan environment featuring some very hostile wolves. Beyond being just a typical thriller, it attempts to throw in a philosophical streak with the men battling inner-demons and frequently …