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Moodboard: Battle Lines

August was a pretty busy month for Leeds’ Battle Lines. Not only did the stratospheric four-piece unveil their latest single, ‘Colonies‘ – a lofty, uproarious outing that toes the line between dream-pop atmospherics and noise rock cacophony – but they also found the time to play at …


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News: Sailor Jerry Day

Just around the corner now, June 12th marks 40 years to the day since the loss of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry‘ Collins. A true American legend, the memory of the tattoo artist and innovator is commemorated yearly as representing all things authentic in the spheres of tattoo, art and …



Purity Ring, Liars, Jessie Ware and more added to Pitchfork Festival

Back after great success last year, Pitchfork Festival feels like something whipped straight out of Planet Notion’s wildest dreams. Since seeing the line up we’ve all been skipping around singing Oh Happy Day exactly like Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act. Pitchfork festival takes place this November in Paris’ Grand Halle …



BOTW Interview: The Chapman Family

Pop and Kingsley talk about the implications of sporadic line-up changes, tell us why they hate Britain, and generally give astounding amounts of paragraphical evidence for being possibly the most politically frustrated musicians we’ve ever interviewed. ANGRY! REFRESHING! CONTROVERSIAL! INSPIRING!

Hey dudes. You’ve had a pretty crazy ride since way



Pitchfork’s Paris Festival lineup gets even better

Yeah, we didn’t think it was possible either. It seems, however, that a few choice additions have actually made the Pitchfork Festival Paris lineup more incredible. New acts include the many syllabled Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Cloud Nothings, Disclosure (who have a shiny new video) and our latest BOTW, …


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Album Review: Liars – WIXIW

The clue is in their name. Whilst all the talk from the Liars lads in the run up to the release of WIXIW would have you worry it was a guitarless, wholly electronic leap in to a previously unexplored territory consisting entirely of mutated samples and processed beats, it still …



London In Stereo Presents… Gigs Of The Week #8

This week London In Stereo picks gigs headlined by Future of the Left, Slime, and Liars. Other awesome gigs taking place come from the likes of 4AD signing Purity Ring, X Factor alumnus Aiden Grimshaw, and the legendary Suzanne Vega. Plus LOVEBOX, of course, which is taking place this



Review: Dave I.D – Response

Everything needs a label, a tag – even a rough or vague one. Calling something pop, rock or whatever the latest sub-sub-genre helps us identify, understand and place a track – knowing where it comes from, what it means is all part of listening to a record. The unknown, the …


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A Stellar Live-Up at Leeds’ Constellations Festival

Constellations had an ambitious and strictly alternative line up for a new festival. Filing into the mid-November flow of human traffic at Leeds University, we find ourselves in a dinging hall, transformed into Space – a Constellation of course, hanging discs and particles of the world’s newest galaxy stretching from …