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New Track: Laura Welsh – ‘Unravel’

At the moment, it really seems like Dev Hynes can do no wrong. The former Test Icicles and Lightspeed Champion man has been behind some of our favourite records of the last year here at Notion HQ; Solange‘s True and Sky Ferreira‘s Ghost – particularly ‘Everything is


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BOTW Interview: Blood Orange

It was another across the pond phone call for us when we decided to catch up with BOTW, Blood Orange man, Dev Hynes. As we chatted away about name changes, schedules, and the difference between New York and London, I could hear the bustling activity of New York coupled with



BOTW Review: Blood Orange- ‘Coastal Grooves’

Our BOTW Blood Orange is the creation of Texas born, Essex raised, Dev Hynes and the new project just continues our belief that while you might never know what to expect from the current New Yorker, it will always be amazing. While his past releases have been with a punk …


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Introducing Band of the Week: Blood Orange

First there was Test Icicles, an indie, dance, punk band- with hip-hop twinges, when Dev Hynes was only the tender age of 18, and was simply a guitar player. Then there was the Americana Lightspeed Champion in which he not only took the mic stand, but also brought the beautifully …



Review: Lightspeed Champion – Bye Bye

Dev Hynes, aka Lightspeed Champion has had one heck of a varied career. Beginning as 1/3 of the extinct art-thrashers Test-Icicles, he departed with this anarchic East-End clatter, and adopted an Americana sound with his debut ‘Falling Off Lavender Bridge’. In between this colossal u-turn, he bizarrely penned songs for …