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Book Review and Giveaway: ‘Half A King’ – Joe Abercrombie

In a world saturated with alternative universes within literature, it can be difficult to decide which fantastical sub-world we commit to enter for a few months of our life. No such commitment is necessary for best selling author, Joe Abercrombie’s latest and best novel yet, ‘Half A King’. Months you …



Album Review: CYMBALS – The Age of Fracture

London quartet CYMBALS’ last full-length, Sideways, Sometimes, may have felt almost rustic with its simplistic hooks and well-rehearsed ‘ahhs’ (not to mention lines about sharing candy bars), but it’s that record’s most pop elements that have spiralled out onto The Age of Fracture. Named after the monograph



Inky fingers #3: Melville House

Check out the third installment of Hayley’s column. Catch up on #1 and #2 which helped us to get more into books and uncovered some hidden literary gems

There’s a book I read because I adopted a fear from a Woody Allen movie. This is not a psychologically healthy …



Inky Fingers #2: bookartbookshop

Remember how we said back in December that we wanted to get more into books this year? Well here’s the second installment of Hayley’s column to get us in the mood…

There’s a shop in Hoxton that stocks almost nothing but tiny little small-press booklets by poets and short …



LFW Blogger Interview: Gurdeep Loyal

To continue the countdown to LFW, here at Planet Notion are interviewing some of the most influential UK fashion bloggers. Today we talk to the lovely Gurdeep from StyleCupid, he has A LOT to say…


What are your big trend predictions for LFW? What are you hoping to see?


Paul Scheerbarth

Print Charming #1: Wakefield Press

You’ve probably picked up on this by now, but we at Notion are print obsessives. We sit in our office surrounded by piles of magazines, obsessing over inky smells and print jobs. It’s a bit geeky, but then why else would you work at a magazine? We’re not limited to


TheEnd of the Road 2

Late Summer Bliss: End of the Road Festival 2012

Have you ever just wanted to get away? Like really get away and escape the chaos of life? Take a satisfying, scenic road trip and pitch a tent somewhere lush and green to just chill out listening to the sound of the blending harmonies of nature with all your favourite …


moscow underground

The Halifax Matchmaker, reviewed

PlanetNotion intern Stevie Pearce reviews the enjoyable Halifax Holiday Matchmaker Facebook app, which is as informative as it is tempting.

I’m going to Moscow! Usually I’m not too excited about any facebook apps as I don’t really trust them, so when I checked out the Halifax Matchmaker app and found …



Interview Desmond Elliott Prize: Anjali Joseph

**UPDATE: Planet Notion would like to congratulate Anjali Joseph as she was named the winner! **

Back when the longlist for the Desmond Elliott Prize was announced Planet Notion had an intro piece on what the prize was and a little background on the man it was named after. Since


Thoughts for food

I think of the kitchen as very much like an eighteenth century Man o’ War.” St John founder Fergus Henderson talks about his literary tendencies