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Live Review: The Dum Dum Girls

On Monday night Newcastle played host to the Dum Dum Girls. A 1960s inspired indie pop quartet, with an almost melancholic lo-fi edge. I have been a fan since the He Gets Me High EP and when the band released Only In Dreams earlier this year I knew I had …



Live Review: Submotion Orchestra @ XOYO

It’s on the poorly lit streets outside Shoreditch’s XOYO that the throb and pound of bass can be heard echoing round the spires of empty office buildings. It’s thick, and heavy, and its power takes no question in pressing against the dense walls of the underground club. It’s Submotion Orchestra …



Live Review: Patrick Wolf

There are few characters like Patrick Wolf. Not just a multi-instrumentalist, but a composer, artist, director and all round creative-type. Five albums in, aged twenty-seven and a loyal fan-base, the Londoner can do no wrong nowadays. With the release of arguably his most complete record to date, Lupercalia, the …



Live Review: The Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra

Saturday night was spent in slight reminiscence of school assemblies, although obviously the occasion was infinitely better than any assembly I remember. Johnny Parry and his Chamber Orchestra were playing in Islington Town Hall, a hall just like you forgot school halls were like: chairs brought out especially for the …



Live Review: Spector @ Bungalow & Bears

Fred Macpherson’s third attempt at pop-stardom looks promising as Spector arrived at Bungalow & Bears in Sheffield. The five-piece squeezed on to the tiny stage and filled a half hour set with infectious indie pop songs accompanied with regular hand-clapping moments and shouty chorus’, winning over new fans with ease. …