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BOTW Playlist: Clean Bandit

Earlier this week when we caught up with our BOTW, the fast-rising Clean Bandit, the London quartet told us of how their as-of-yet untitled debut album contained a plethora of guest vocalists and contributors; a list that ranged from Minneapolis rap queen Lizzo to UK reggae-head Stylo G.



Meet our BOTW: Clean Bandit

Sometimes, modern music can feel like one big advertising budget-fueled game of who can cry the loudest; of who can make the most provocative statement and summon up the most linkbait. London-based Baroque house quartet Clean Bandit have been moving in a more subtle, cunning way.

Whether it be their



Interview: Har Mar Superstar

Full-throated soulster with an amazing set of lungs; sweaty, slightly unnerving madman; or, in his own words: “Soulful, shirtless, powerful, fun time party starter [who] gets you laid.” Har Mar Superstar‘s Sean Tillmann has been called many things over the course of his 13 years performing under the moniker. …



BOTW Playlist: Lizzo

With a musical lineage that runs the gamut from fronting progressive rock bands to spitting in an RnB girl trio, from learning the flute as a kid to becoming the fiery stage presence we know today, it’s safe to say that it came as no surprise to us that our



BOTW Interview Pt. 2: Lizzo

In the second part of our catch-up with our BOTW, Minnesotan rap queen Lizzo, the fiery young vocalist recalls to us how she first met her Lizzobangers co-conspirator Lazerbeak, the jitters she had about Run the Jewels beating her to ‘Batches & Cookies’, and we ask that most



Meet our BOTW: Lizzo

“Big girl, small world”: It’s a turn of phrase that crops up repeatedly across Lizzo‘s fiery, aptly-titled debut album, Lizzobangers. Truthfully though, for all its rap-game braggadocio, it’s a bit of a musical misnomer: everything in the Minnesotan rapper’s world is BIG. From the skewed agit-hop of recent



Introducing: Lizzo

To say that Detroit-via-Housten-via-Minneapolis artist Lizzo encompasses a range of soundscapes would be somewhat of an understatement. You see, Lizzo has actually been a part of many of these influences, with a career history that spans more genres than a bipolar DJ set. Let’s rewind to that epiphany moment: Lizzo …