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LFW predictions: fabrics

Silk, cotton, brocade or chiffon… sometimes, a good collection can transform into a magnificent one, and all it takes is the right choice of fabrics. These three designers set the bar high last season, and will be returning this spring with collections we know will surprise, stun and inspire the



LFW predictions: dresses

Last season, our minds were blown by the dresses that flowed down the runway. Whether silky or leathery, whether refined and feminine or sculptural and chic, each and every dress offered an exceptional showcasing of the designers’ talents and creativity. We are so excited to see the dress designs these



LFW predictions: accessories

The accessories which made the runway shine during London Fashion Week last AW12 were evidently all about making a statement – and we’re not talking about the bags and shoes (these were much too impressive to squeeze in here, so we gave them their own two separate posts). What we’re



LFW predictions: prints

Don’t you just love a good print? Because they vamp up any outfit with a burst of detail and colour, they make great statement trends all year-round. That’s why this category holds a lot of meaning to us, and that’s why we spent hours looking through last season’s print-happy collections



LFW predictions: handbags and purses

It’s hard to resist a good handbag, and this is something which designers always confirm when they make bags the highlight of a show. Some bag designs looked so hot last season that we just wanted to grab them as they came down the runway. Below are the top designers



LFW predictions: tailoring

It doesn’t take much to look smart: throw on a tailored garment and you’re ready to go. We’re so in love with tailored pieces, we’re constantly on the lookout for the perfect trousers or blazer to add to our wardrobes. Many designers displayed their tailoring talents during LFW AW12, yet



LFW predictions: beauty

Who doesn’t go weak in the knees at the sight of a flawless set of hair and makeup? This happened to us more than ever before when these three designers sent their models down the runway, rocking the loveliest hair and makeup we’d seen in a long time. We’re expecting



LFW predictions: shoes

The shoes featured in many of last season’s collections didn’t simply complete each look wonderfully; they also killed the runway, with lively designs presented to us in fabulous hues. Which top three designers did we get down on our knees for? Have a look at our selection, and watch out



LFW predictions: creativity

It seemed like forever before we could actually say it, but the time has finally come and we couldn’t be more ready to run out into the streets and yell at the top of our lungs (okay, maybe not) that London Fashion Week is finally around the bend! (If you …



Adidas and Fred Butler help you remember the London 2012 Olympic games

Unless you’ve been hiding under a very large, very sound proof rock for the last month, you may have noticed that London has been hosting the 2012 Olympic games. Although your view may have been somewhat impaired by the unbelievable number of medals around the British olympian’s necks, the …