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Track Premiere: Labyrinth Ear – ‘Lorna’

UK duo Labyrinth Ear is comprised of Emily and Tom. Their paths crossed over mutual tastes in music and their eclectic backgrounds mean that their sound is rather interesting. The blend of folk-like lyrics fosters a visuality to their songs, while the production incorporates references and influences from diverse areas, …


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Trending: Tartan

I have this association with tartan that goes way back. When I was about seven my Mother liked to dress me and my sister alike from time to time and we had matching red and black tartan dresses with layered skirts that we just loved, looking somewhat like a Rod …


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Trending: If I Were a Boy

Lorna’s back for round two of ‘Trending’ – this time it’s all about playing with mannish tailoring…

I’m a die-hard girly girl. I wear floral print dresses, I like butterflies, I put ribbons in my hair and I cry a lot. But lately, there has been an unexpected deviation from …