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Interview: Jen Long on Cassette Store Day

Last month, BuzzFeed posted one of its ‘listicles’ that provoked an outpouring of derision and abuse from music fans everywhere.  Entitled ’35 Music Experiences You’ll Never Have Again’ – and containing things like ‘in-stores’ and ‘reading the liner notes’ – it seemed to state that music on physical …



Live’s Guide To Festivals: Live At Leeds

It’s not long now til’ Live At Leeds 2012, so we thought we’d give you the lowdown in what to expect from the weekend..

Now in its 6th year, Live At Leeds takes place over the bank holiday on 4th May to 7th May. Rebranded this year to The Live …


Los Campesinos

Live review: Los Campesinos! – Electric Ballroom – 22nd March

If music was put into seasons then Los Campesinos! would be Spring/Summer as they disguise their dark lyrics with upbeat melodies and a chaotic stage presence. When the band released their fourth record, Hello Sadness last year it highlighted how far the Welsh band have grown as it stepped out …


beau arrows header

Introducing: Beau and the Arrows

Don’t you feel like good old indie has been a little neglected by you, the music listener, recently?  Beau and the Arrows are what you need to listen to.  They are a little 2007, nostalgically so, and have the childish manner of, say, Los Campesinos, Kate Nash, or a young …