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Dancing To Picasso – Don’t Watch That, Watch This

The quite phenomenal Lil Buck just blew our minds with an improvised performance in the luxurious context of the Fondation Louis Vuitton, the art gallery set up by LVMH. At the Shchukin exhibition, which features over a hundred iconic early modernist masterpieces by French titans of art such as Degas, …



LFW SS14 Preview: 5 trends we’d like to keep – and forget

Amidst the roller coaster of fashion seasons, which now almost blur into one long never-ending conveyor belt of newness, the concept of ‘in season trends’ has in many ways been dissolved. Strict fashion rules that dictate what you can and cannot wear in any given season no longer exist –



Spot the difference with Vuitton, Kusama and White Lodge

If you love fashion (and we know you do), appreciate Yayoi Kusama’s artwork and always enjoy a good old game of “spot the difference”, then you’re in for quite a treat. Directed by Ehsan Bhatti and starring the pretty fashion blogger Bip Ling, two refreshingly fashion-forward short films put a …



Bottletop Black Line AW12

Bottletop are a brand dedicated to helping women in developing countries, providing jobs so that female artisans can support themselves and their families. Founded back in 2002 when Cameron Saul discovered a wire frame handbag made from recycled bottle tops in Uganda, Saul started developing his bags with his father …



Joe Brummell #4 – Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Men don’t have the same range of fashion accessories that girls do. Wear too much jewellery and you’ll end up looking like Jimmy Saville or a championship darts player. Make-up is generally a no-no and all other accessories are limited to the basics–bags, watches,a casual hat, that’s kind of it. …



Presque-Fur: AW11

Now, we’ve all heard of the term ‘faux fur’, which is seen as the ethical way to wearing fur glamour. Looks like it, but isn’t it: no animals harmed.

This season however, there seems to be an emergence of ‘presque-fur’, yes that’s right: nearly-fur, seen from Prada to Acne, and …


Red Carpet

The Hautelist # 13: Red Carpet Dos and Don’ts

The red carpet – that wool nylon mix which can make or break a million dollar career in a matter of minutes.  The nearest most of us plebs will ever get to this pinnacle of glamour is a posh wedding – where we diet and preen in an attempt to …



The Hautelist: Summer Bags

It may only be March, but what with the three continuous hours of sun we had this week, it’s starting to feel like Summer’s in the air.  Ok, so maybe not actual Summer, but there’s definitely the feeling that we’ve turned the corner from Winter to Spring at least, and …