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Interview: Redinho

 It’s an exciting time for DJ, producer, songwriter and talkbox aficionado Redinho. After three years in the oven, his eponymous debut album is ready…and we all know that slow cooking is the key to a flavorsome entrée. We catch up with him to chat 80s funk, childhood soul heroes, the



Introducing: Hawkon

The thought of struggling to find every fine detail about pretty much anyone is a rarity in the so-called ‘information age’. I mean, you social network stalk people to the point where you know what they had for breakfast without ever meeting IRL. So when an artist crops up veiled …



News: Laurel Halo set to drop new album ‘Chance of Rain’

Electronic artist Laurel Halo is set to release her new LP, ‘Chance of Rain’, next month. The album follows her previous two critically acclaimed EPs, ‘Behind the Green Door’ and ‘Sunlight on the Faded’. Differing from her previous work, ‘Chance of Rain’ will explore the intersection between rhythmic and …



New track: Yuck – Middle Sea

Lo-Fi favourites Yuck have given us a tantelising glimpse into upcoming album Glow & Behold with their new taster track Middle Sea.

Lifted directly from Glow & Behold and debuted on Radio 1 this week, Middle Sea follows Rebirth as proof that Yuck’s critically-acclaimed and fan-adored 2011 self-titled debut …


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Youth Lagoon releases video for ‘Raspberry Cane’

Youth Lagoon, or Trevor Powers to those who will know him personally, has just released the artistic video his latest single, ‘Raspberry Cane’. The clip is beautifully directed by Stephen McNally, and the shots are edited to marry the beat of the track. Powers describes “becoming more fascinated with …


Swim Deep

Update: Swim Deep’s debut album making waves in the midweek sales

Notion’s favorite, Swim Deep, have charted at number 6 in the midweeks so far. This is brilliant news for the Midlands boys, but we think they deserve to be higher in the official album chart at the end of the week! So, the debut LP, ‘Where The Heaven Are



Review: Prinzhorn Dance School – Clay Class

Derided by some and lauded by others after the release of their divisive debut album, Prinzhorn Dance School – duo Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn – return with their sophomore LP. It’s a warmer and, dare I say it, accessible sound than their debut – but don’t think it’s going …



LP Review: Zun Zun Egui – Katang

About four years ago, SoundWay records put out a superb compilation of Nigerian rock, doubtless culled from some diligent crate-digger’s life’s work of ferreting around the dusty vinyl outlets of west Africa.

In just over three quarters of an hour on their debut LP Katang, Zun Zun Egui have …



LP Review: Ganglians – Still Living

I appear to have stumbled headlong into a dingy indie club in 1986 where a grumpy, black polo neck-bedecked bearded fellow is playing early Soupdragons, Primal Scream and the Jesus and Mary Chain without the feedback.

And you know what? I like it. The world doesn’t have enough mid-eighties shambling …