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Shoot: Werqout

We know, we know: ‘sports-luxe’. It’s either sports, or it’s luxe, right? Well, maybe not. So when the fabulous photographer Han Lee De Boer got together with awesome stylist Russell Philip Peek for a sports-luxe shoot, we thought ‘here we go again’. But obviously they’ve pulled it out of the …


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T-Shirt in Luxe

This  A/W 11, G- Star RAW has teamed up with Marc Newson for a collection of t-shirts that combine the simplicity of design, with the luxury of high-end craftsmanship. Throughout his career Newson has been exploring simplified construction and single line, and this collection of t-shirts only continues down that …



LFW: Amanda Wakeley

We scored a last-minute ticket to Amanda Wakeley’s show at Somerset House and managed to dash in just as the doors closed on the way back from Fashion East. To be honest, we weren’t expecting great things, and the crowd said it all: middle-aged. The collection was pleasant; beautifully-tailored long …



LFW: Bernard Chandran

The bold brights at Bernard Chandran were the perfect antidote to the SAD (and onset of trench foot) incurred after spending a tad too long queuing in the wet and miserable weather. The show was held in a decadent Victorian ballroom within Northumberland House, which provided a stunning and contrasting …


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LFW: Ethics Got Cool

Three designers that stood out for us at the esthetica exhibition were Noki, From Somewhere and Anneli Linder. Noki has withdrawn entirely from the bright neons that used to define him. The re-appropriated sportswear is still there as are the slashed up new era caps, but something has changed. There’s …


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LFW: Hats

We’ve often been pushers of hats and of brightly coloured fur, so imagine how delighted we were to be able to combine two of our loves in this collection of incredible headgear from Anthony Peto. 

 These acid bright trappers and flat-caps are spot on if you want to brighten up …


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The PPQ show was, as ever, the most glamorous show of Friday. Celeb-studded, running half an our late and (predictably) massively oversubscribed, it kicked off with a jolt of Nicki Minaj over the PA, which segued into a Lil Kim remix that saw (seated) dancing in the front row as …