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Detroit: Heart, Soul and Drum Machines

“I just love techno, man” I can see in this particular 19-year-old Glaswegian’s eyes – wide though they are – that he isn’t joking. I’m stood at the back of an abandoned fort in Croatia surrounded by people from all over Europe, absolutely buzzing their nut about techno. As Jay



New Video: Machinedrum – ‘Gunshotta’

It’s hard to categorise Machinedrum under one of the many pretentious post/future/nu house genre’s, but for this one I think I will go with… emerging garage with dystopian blends. ‘Gunshotta’ is the latest video to be taken from the producer’s upcoming album, Vapor City, and it follows a suitably …



Interview: !!!

!!! (FYI, it’s pronounced using three mono-syllabic expressions) have just released THR!!!ER (pronounced, unsurprisingly, ‘thriller’), their fifth full-length album. Notion’s own Alex Cull gets vocalist Nic Offer to talk about artistic high-water marks, collaborating with Spoon‘s Jim Eno, and the funniest way the group’s name has ever been interpreted.



A Sound Of 2013: Trap

A hybrid of hip hop, grime and bass music, trap is now the new favourite genre of any hipster worth their weight in snapbacks – and I’m proud to say that I pledge my allegiance to the Trap Flag.

It’s just as likely to make you slut-drop to the ground …



Boiler Room throws the ULTIMATE hotel party tonight

Yeah yeah, we know the BEST hotel parties are thrown by R Kelly… Well as of tonight, all that’s gun’ change.

Boiler Room are broadcasting a special show from the W Hotel in London as part of a new series, Do Not Disturb.

Sadly, R Kelly won’t be the corner …



Festival Report: Dimensions

Snap backs? everywhere. Hawaiian shirts (coupled with short-shorts)? Everywhere. Gimmicky tattoos and hi-fade haircuts? Everywhere. That’s right, the hipster Brits have landed, to leave their Dalston footprint all over Croatia’s face.

Billed as the younger, sexier and cheaper kid sister of Outlook, Dimensions Festival was new on the scene this …



Azealia Banks shares debut full length mixtape ‘Fantasea’

In a big week for new music Azealia Banks has shared her long anticipated full length debut mixtape ‘Fantasea’; with with beats from a wealth of producers including Hudson Mohawke, Ikonika, O/W/W/W/L/S, Machinedrum, Eprom, Drums of Death, Nick Hook, Lunice, and Munchi



Streets of Beige celebrates turning 1

Get ready to party, as Streets of Beige turn one and invite you to celebrate their birthday! For the special occasion, the notorious night will launch Machinedrum’s forthcoming album, Planet Mu.

This will be10 years since Machinedrum’s first release- so you know there’s an excuse to party! Forward-thinking rythms are …