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Moodboard: Salt Ashes

When I first heard Salt Ashes, aka Veiga Sanchez, I fell immediately in love. It happens a few times a year that I find a song so incredibly amazing that my brain can’t focus on anything else. While she was touted as sounding like Kylie (which is no bad …



Miley Cyrus, a horse, and a truck load of gifs on MTV Unplugged

When we interviewed Miley Cyrus for our 65th issue, the queen of all Smilers revealed her new sound for Bangerz was somewhere between country and dubstep – or in her words ‘cuntstep’. We’re guessing she’s probably more at home in Nashville than the Skream-rich streets of Croydon and her MTV …



Album Review: Dum Dum Girls – Too True

Dee Dee & co are back with Too True, their first full-length since 2011’s Only in Dreams. Coming off the back of two very different EPs in 2011’s He Gets Me High and its 2012 follow-up End of Daze, Too True continues to see Dum Dum Girls



Joyrich x Maripol in London this January

Los Angeles based label Joyrich have teamed up with fashion legend Maripol for an exciting collaboration coming to London this month. The collection will have a dedicated room within the exclusive Machine-A boutique in Soho from January 6th until the end of month, with the store’s entire frontage to …



Patterns’ Top 10 Icons of the ’80s

Take a listen to ‘Sunny Days‘, the latest single from Costa Rican synth-pop foursome Patterns, and what’s the first thing you think of? Why it’s the 1980s, of course. Those slick, arpeggiating synths, liquid vocals and exuberant hand-claps just scream sunset rides in vintage convertibles along Miami



BOTW Review: Jessy Lanza – Pull My Hair Back

Jessy Lanza’s debut album, Pull My Hair Back, cruises into the room with first track ‘Giddy’. Sleazy and sexy, it’s a slowly growing number that eases you into Pull My Hair Back and is the start of a recurring theme across the album: sex appeal. It oozes from …


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Mixtape: Eliza Doolittle

Drawing her influences from far and wide, pop princess Eliza Doolittle shares some of the tracks that inspired her brand new track, ‘Big When I Was Little‘, in the form of this exclusive mixtape for Planet Notion. Read more from Eliza in her recent Planet Notion interview.


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Moodboard: CSS

To celebrate today’s release of their new album PLANTA on SQE, Brazilian electro girls CSS share some of their favourite things with us.


Well… we are from São Paulo and so is Nissim Ourfali, who’s this kid who had a barmitzva. His parents got this video done and …


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News: Pet Shop Boys reveal teaser for ‘Fluorescent’

With their brand new studio album Electric set to be released on July 15th, the legendary Pet Shop Boys have just revealed a video teaser for ‘Fluorescent’ – one of 9 tracks to appear on the record. While their previous album, Elysium, was more reflective in its mood, the …



News: UT Pop-up London

Founded in 2003, the Japanese brand UNIQLO has provided millions around the globe with top-notch clothing articles for both men and women. The upcoming Spring/Summer ’13 collection features a new line of t-shirts, designed in collaboration with MTV and inspired by the likes of David Bowie, Madonna, AC/DC, Kiss, Sex …