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Hello Cheeky by Hattie Stewart

We love British illustrator, Hattie Stewart. We love her so much we collaborated with her on Notion issue 66 when we had superbabe Ariana Grande on the cover. A self-professed ‘professional doodler’, Stewart has collaborated with loads of other great people, too, including House of Holland, Marc by Marc …



The Modern Man: Business Dress

When we think of fashion, we think of eccentric style choices and vivid sartorial self-expression. Well, if you’re a woman that is. Compared to its female counterpart, menswear is often tame in comparison. Aside from sharp tailoring and blue denim, the world of menswear is one which has been stuck


Logo AudaCity 630 400

AudaCity of Fashion launches to help fashionistas businesses

AudaCity of Fashion is a new reward based crowdfunding platform dedicated to all things fashion; including designers, photographers, illustrators, magazines and bloggers. It is an innovative way for entrepreneurs everywhere to build awareness for their brand, and raise money to invest in their projects.

AudaCity of Fashion is set to …



NOTION 060: Cover 2 of 2 – Charli XCX

The second of our Special 60th Edition covers is the fabulous Charli XCX. We’ve been longtime supporters of Charli, featuring her way back in Summer last year in Notion 052, in a feature we called Teengrrl Fantasy.18 months later, and she’s poised to take over the charts, the …



NOTION 060: Cover 1 of 2 – Marques Toliver & Lianne La Havas

The first of our Special 60th Edition covers is two of our favourite up-and-coming musicians, the seductive songstress and Mercury-nominated Lianne La Havas stars with the indescribably great pop-soulster Marques Toliver. In our exclusive interview and photoshoot, the two chart the course of their creative friendship in a brilliant feature …



Boardwomen: Ben Powell

Editor of Sidewalk Magazine, Ben talks about his experience with women in the skateboarding industry, and gives us a guy’s perspective on women in skateboarding.

How did you get in to skateboarding?
My introduction to skateboarding was pretty much the standard one for those people who started up back …



Behind the Scenes with Marina Diamandis on the Notion 52 Cover Shoot

Our next coverstar is the fabulous, gorgeous and talented singer, Marina Diamandis, dressed entirely (and exclusively) in young Brit designer and BFF Hasan Hejazi’s elegant, feminine dresses. We’ll be revealing full details of Issue 52 of Notion over the next few days, before it goes on sale on the 15th …



New Magazine Alert: Spindle

We might have our own magazine, but we’re not above giving praise to other mags when praise is due. With this in mind, Sophia Darell caught up with Spindle Magazine’s editor, Heather Falconer, for a chat about her new project.

Spindle might be the new kid on the block for …


Notion49 Cover_PN

It’s Out: Notion 049 is Now Available

To cap off our 2010 (and what a year it’s been), we present to you the Swedish singer that we all love to love, Lykke Li, in full Notion style. Her comeback record is an exploration of what’s left when the love’s gone, and how love haunts you. It’s brilliant. …



Fanzines Q&A: Teal Triggs

Notion Magazine’s Editor, Michael C. Lewin, talked to Professor of Graphic Design at the University of the Arts London, Teal Triggs, for a piece in the latest issue of Notion. She’s the author of a lush, enormous new book, Fanzines, which collates the best and barmiest from the world of …