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BEAUTIFY: Dior Star Foundation & Concealer

Dior’s latest foundation release, which claims to make you look more photogenic, has unsurprisingly been taking the internet by storm. If you love the texture and look of weightless “natural skin” foundations but need a higher coverage, this is the one for you.

Managing to magically combine a glowy, radiant …



BEAUTIFY: Brush Up On Basics

“3 minutes is all beauty should ever take” is the new mantra at Estee Lauder. Guilty of applying  on the go, we now intend to spare three minutes of beautifying amongst our morning routines.

Estee Lauder, clearly in touch with makeup habits of today, have developed a complimentary ‘3 Minute …



BEAUTIFY: NARS Vs. 3.1 Philip Lim

Worlds are colliding in fashion and beauty once again. After 14 seasons of harmonious backstage partnering 3.1 Phillip Lim and NARS are teaming up on an ever so moody nail collection.


Inspired by “colours that exist in the shadows” these high gloss lacquers slip into your nail wardrobe with



BEAUTIFY: Give yourself cheekbones

One of my many (first world problem) woes in life is that, alas, I was not given my mother’s cheekbones. I got my father’s cheeks, nice big juicy ones that double in size when I smile. They’re ‘cute’ I’ve been told. And if you’ve ever told me that you’ll know …


nars matte multiples


One of NARS’ bestselling products is the Orgasm blusher. Now they’re bringing us the Matte Multiples. Personally I can’t wait until they mix the two for a Multiple Orga… Oh ok. I won’t.

But first, let me introduce the new Matte Multiples which (as the name would suggest) are multi …



BEAUTIFY: All Night Long

New Year’s Eve is a bitch, isn’t she? Not only do you have to toy with yourself each and every year about what you’re going to do, who you’ll be with, if a kiss is on the cards but you ALSO have to miraculously manage to look bloody great for …



BEAUTIFY: Aerin Summer Seashell Color

While Britain basks and blisters in the middle of this prolonged heat wave make-up wearers have to fight against their carefully applied products slipping down their face during the course of the day.  Summer tends to lend itself to lighter formulas and brighter colours, which comes in handy when your …



LFW predictions: beauty

Who doesn’t go weak in the knees at the sight of a flawless set of hair and makeup? This happened to us more than ever before when these three designers sent their models down the runway, rocking the loveliest hair and makeup we’d seen in a long time. We’re expecting



Introducing New Breed

It’s hard being creative.  Oh, it’s nice being artistic and all, but it’s also nice to make money.  Food and shelter, those are nice.  Unfortunately, obtaining them often means taking lame jobs and working in obscurity.  Having your creative genius squished from a fluffy pancake of possibilities into a stale …