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BEAUTIFY: In the Issue

It’s a universal idea in relationships – the taking or ‘borrowing’ of each other’s belongings – the sight of a girlfriend stealing the boy’s oversized jumper, the boy borrowing her underwear… OK, maybe not the second one. But when it comes to beauty and grooming products, where is the line …



Groomed: Mr Porter Launches Grooming

It’s time for a brand new weekly column from our brand new Grooming Ed, Mr Neil Thornton! He’ll be checking out the most exciting products, the latest trends and the lolsomest treatments both here and in the magazine, so keep your eyes peeled…first up, it;s something rather exciting from Mr



Joe Brummell #13 – The Big Sleep

I was going to talk about how the modern man is so busy that he needs all the time he can get to look after his skin. Balancing work and social life without compromising either could leave you with little time for the frippery of face masks and expensive moisturisers. …



Joe Brummell #10 – A Spot of Bother

If I said I’d love to have acne, loads of acne, I’d be talking about clothes from the Swedish fashion label, not the skin complaint. For most of us acne is a distant memory from puberty, when combined with embarrassing cracking voices and sprouting hair it marked the transition from …