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Mont blanc

Groomed: Five men’s fragrances that should be on your shopping list


On the hunt for a new fragrance? This is not going to be just any fragrance, this is going to be your signature fragrance, one that you will take with you through life and keep wearing.

I’ve always been a one-fragrance man, but in recent times, and with the …


Uber-skin-jar-cut-out -feat-500x500

Groomed: BioCorrex Über Skin Plus review


It’s remarkable how much punishment our skin takes – form the extrinsic factors of environment like the sun, smoking and repeated muscle movements (think face and smiling) as well the skin’s constant need to repair scratches bruises and other knocks we submit it to daily. Our largest organ is …



Interview with: Anthony Logistics

Our Grooming Editor, Neil Thornton, sits down with Anthony Logistics founder Anthony Sosnick to talk about the ever-expanding men’s grooming industry and why men are finally taking note of how to look after themselves.

NT: For those new to Anthony, can you sum up what the brand is about?



Groomed: Penhaligon’s Bayolea Grooming Range


Penhaligon’s have released Bayolea, their first ever full men’s grooming range; and it smells pretty darn sweet.

Catering to every part of a man’s grooming routine, the range includes the brand’s first forary into the skincare market alongside staple shaving accessories. A new soothing gel, face wash and cleansing …


Radical Skincare Rescue Kit

Groomed: Radical Skincare

Every so often a new brand comes into your life that completely changes your routine; for me that brand was Radical Skincare.

As the typical male consumer, even with a love of grooming products and slight obsession with my skin, I have always striven (mainly from laziness) to keep my …


SD Logo Black

Groomed: Superdry Fragrances

Now, it hasn’t really ever occurred to me before to go looking for fragrances on the high street. I’m not a fragrance snob, OK, maybe a little, but you just never associate fragrances with high street brands. But this is something that’s changing, more and more high street brands are …



Groomed: Ruffians Barber shop

In a little corner of Covent Garden lies the Ruffians Barber shop, London’s latest addition to the men-only salon solution. It’s first store outside of its home city of Edinburgh, Ruffians’ new London flagship looks groomed to pick up popularity at pace.

Founded in 2012 by Andrew Cannon from his …


Man moisturising stock

Groomed: Top Beauty Buyers

The sale of mens grooming products has increased vastly in the past few years. With the male UK skincare market worth an estimated £600m, brands are taking note of the modern man’s desire to look his best at all times. That said, it’s also about the modern man wanting to …


Joe Brummell 31

Joe Brummell #31 – In Case of Emergency

We all get caught short form time to time but it’s a modern man’s duty to keep up appearances. So for those times when you’re heading into the office in the same clothes as yesterday and even the lady at the bus stop knows that you’re doing a walk of …



Joe Brummell #6: Vile Bodies, Beautiful Scents

Remember The Roaring Twenties? You know, The Jazz Age! Remember the thrill of seeing the first ‘talkie’ at the cinema? When George Gershwin wrote Rhapsody in Blue? Magritte, Picasso and Duchamp were at the top of their game…Surrealism and Art Deco were changing the landscape of art and design…remember? …