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Office Mad Ting: Socrates X Micachu

At the end of 2009, up popped a video on Youtube and, frankly, it was the best video-song combo of the year. ‘Fine’ was a collab between wonky pop genius Micachu and grime boys Brother May and Baker Trouble: a filthy, addictive, raging track that’s all impossible scuzzy guitar riffs …


Tirzah Press shot

Meet our BOTW: Tirzah

Under The Skin OST composer Mica(chu) Levi and her bffl Tirzah have been making beats since secondary school. It’s no surprise, then, how tight they sound on the latter’s brilliant ‘No Romance’ EP, released last week. Still very much a side-project for Tirzah (musicians do have day-jobs, you know), her



NOFAYs 2013: Michael Lewin – Editor

Welcome to The NOFAYs 2013: The Notion Office’s Favourite (note: not ‘Best’) Albums of the Year, our take on the now-ubiquitous end-of-year list.

We don’t normally partake in the monotonous routine of compiling EOY lists, made with the intent of bragging about a b-side that no one has ever heard



Musogyny: Should We Rate Sexism in Music Videos?

Everyone knows it’s a man’s world out there (thanks James Brown) but there is none more so than the big bad world of music. From Miley’s twerking to Sinead’s open letter shaming, these last few months have seen an upward trajectory in the debate around gender issues within music.




BOTW Playlist: FEMME’s 10 Girls on Top in 2013

From Miley Cyrus’ year-long twerkfest to Lily Allen’s divisive ‘Hard Out Here‘ video, it’s hard to remember a year quite like 2013 where there’s been such discussion over gender and sexuality in music. If there’s one thing that’s resulted from 2013 though, it’s been a veritable Aladdin’s Cave …



Independent Labels to Takeover Shoreditch’s Boxpark

Every week until 8th December, a different independent label will be taking over a space at Shoreditch’s Boxpark, with special events taking place.

It kicks off this week with Greco-Roman, who will be presenting a showcase on Thursday 17th October between 6-9pm at the space located at 2-4 Bethnal



Introducing: Tirzah

Dancefloor tracks are coming in thick and fast at the moment, but we are loving the sounds of Tirzah. Her EP ‘I’m Not Dancing’ is slated for release on August 5th through Greco-Roman records.

The EP has been produced by London-based Micachu, aka Mica Levi of the experimental pop band …



EP Review: DELS – Black Salad

I first came across DELS (Kieren Dickins) when listening to the Queens Of Noize‘s now defunct 6Music radio show – something that tuned into religiously, to feed all my indie, up’n’coming music hunger. And, in this particular case, something to recommend me a bit of the UK underground scene …



Album Review: Micachu – Never

Micachu is about as close to experimental as it gets. In a world where the worldwide music chart is awash with the same Guetta-branded pre-programmed synth beats and the same will.i.am-famous “breakdowns”, it’s a massive relief to listen to a record that throws the majority of current pop music rules …



BOTW Mixtape: Kwesachu Vol. 2

As you may have seen in our introduction of Kwes on Monday, he’s not just a singer-songwriter. He’s a producer, too, and his work can be heard on albums of a variety of hyper-trendy east Londoners. One of these, Micachu, has collaborated with Kwes for the appropriately titled Kwesachu …