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BOTW Interview: Swim Deep

At the moment, it seems Swim Deep are virtually inescapable. You can barely step outside without seeing an advert for their forthcoming debut album, Where the Heaven Are We, or watch a YouTube video without a trailer for said record springing up. In spite of all the hype and



The Marvellous Men of Milan: Fashion Week AW13/14

A distinct fresh air swept across the menswear weeks in London and Milan this season. I attended some big name shows during Milan Fashion Week – it was ‘blue steel’ at its best. It’s now time to marvel at the AW13/14 shows of Milan Fashion Week…

Costume National Homme
Backstage, …



BOTW Interview: Stay+

Alex Cull chats to our current BOTW – the elusive Stay+ – about anonymity in the digital age, the future of video game music and his hometown of Manchester. Oh, and Bono…

You were forced to change your name from Christian AIDS to Stay+, what was the thought process behind