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What’s this about Camel Milking?

How about that then?



Talent Emerging: JH.Zane

The multi-talented creative director behind London-based label JH.Zane, really understands the meaning of working your way up the ladder in order to get the results you want. Born in southern China, Juhao Zeng moved to England aged seven and set off to embark on a journey where he knew



BEAUTIFY: How To Cleanse

It seems like an obvious answer: wash your face, take your make up off. And whilst those are certainly part of a modern cleansing routine- there’s also so much more to know. Cleansers by nature are made to melt your make up and um, cleanse your face of all the …



BEAUTIFY: Fleur de Figuier

As you will have seen in Notion 63 (out last week- go and get it!) scent in a powerful trigger of memory. And what could be the best place to be transported back to? South of France in certainly top of my list- the pine trees, the sea breeze, the …


lucy rose

Here Is A Video: Lucy Rose – Bikes

Here is a video. It is for Lucy Rose’s track ‘Bikes’. I really like Lucy Rose, so I thought we at PlanetNotion should post it here for you all to see.

The video is very good. Here are some reasons why:

1. It is a mini 4:05 spaghetti western
2. …