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Parquet Courts

Interview: Parquet Courts

With their re-released debut album, Light Up Gold, hitting the UK this week, we caught up with Austin Brown of New York post-punk quartet Parquet Courts for a quickfire chat about life on the road, their recent visits to the UK and the best vegetarian restaurant to head to



BOTW Video: Jaws – ‘Friend Like You’

Having only been gigging together for a year now, you could certainly be forgiven for thinking that Birmingham’s Jaws were jumping the gun a little by releasing a video composed of tour footage for their latest single, ‘Friend Like You‘. Then again, the last twelve months have been …



Album Review: EULA – Maurice Narcisse

On their much-hyped debut album Maurice Narcisse, Brooklyn post-punks EULA take their audience captive, shoving down their throats a smorgasbord of influences that read like a who’s who of American alternative rock. That’s not to say the three-piece sound derivative, though. They sculpt and mould their musical forefathers into …