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BOTW Premiere: Clubfeet – ‘No Evil’ Mixtape

It’s more than a little apt that our BOTW, Cape Town-via-Melbourne five-piece Clubfeet, have opted to supply us with a mixtape that’s formed in the majority from remixes and alternate edits. After all, not only have the quintet just released a new EP made up of remixes from their …



Interview: Piff Gang

The US love them (A$AP Rocky is a fan), stringent UK rap fans appear to be unsure, but most people get it and can appreciate the Piff Gang for their niche take on UK rap – and if you don’t, they really don’t care anyway.

Albeit our second attempt, we



Friday Mixtape: Memory9 – Red Planet Blues

Memory 9, the moniker for prodigal beatmaker Gadi Sassoon, has bestowed a transcending diversity in his releases, moving between genres as varied as jungle, jazz, hip-hop and footwork. These constantly-shifting soundscapes might have something to do with his training as a jazz guitarist and a slide towards the organic side …



Interview: Discussing the References on Mikill Pane’s Mixtape

Besides making us all stutter at the prospect of pronouncing his name, Mikill Pane has somewhat of a tireless ethos when it comes to putting out material. Following two self-financed projects in 2011 and 2012, the pseudonym behind Justin Uzomba has signed for a major label, released a debut …



New track: Lorine Chia – ‘No New Friends’

Cleveland songstress Lorine Chia has recently premiered her interpretation of Drake’s ‘No New Friends’. Chia name checks James Blake and Amy Winehouse among her inspirations and it is certainly evident this 20-year-old is channeling both icons in her work. This soulful track incorporates slinky synths with rich vocals. Her …


J Milli promo web

News: J£ZUS MILLION set to release new mixtape

Not content with his recent track ‘Illusions Of’ with the unstoppable Charli XCX (Notion 060 cover star), Boston bound beatmaker, J£ZUS MILLION, is set to release his own mixtape ‘Cold Shoulder’ next month. The American music mogul has adopted the pound sign in his name, similar to what



Interview: Tre Mission

Our urban music editor, Trina John-Charles, recently caught up with grime’s favorite export and newest Big Dada signee, Tre Mission. They talked about his current album ‘Malmaison’, clashing on Lord of the Mics and grime’s grimy secrets are exposed.

Planet Notion: You first heard about grime through a niche



Interview: Smiler

South London rapper, Smiler, is back. His new mixtape, ‘The Coming’, has recently been released, so we catch up with him to talk about his new 12 track package.

Planet Notion: Your new mixtape ‘The Coming’ is quite a mixed bag in terms of style, but noticeably quite retrospective



Friday Mixtape: Ronika ‘Escalator to the Equator’

It’s always roundabout now, when the first summery rays start to flicker through the seemingly permanent blanket of cloud and the idea of putting on a pair of shorts isn’t immediately met with a derisive laugh, that we turn our attention towards the outside world, and (more pertinently for this …



Mixtape: Andy Cato’s South Downs Party Mix

As one half of Groove Armada, Andy Cato has become one of the most prominent figures in UK dance music over the course of the last fifteen years. Here, the man behind seminal cuts including ‘I See You Baby‘, ‘At the River‘ and ‘Superstylin