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Groomed: Eucerin Skincare

For those in need of something soothing with a little more kick than your average, Eucrein Skincare offers cosmeceutical-level relief to dry, irritated skin.

Between my hours in the pool – I’m an avid swimmer and qualified swim teacher in my spare time – and the gym floor, my skin, …



BEAUTIFY: Products of the Week

Products of the Week is our Beauty Team letting you know what’s top of the list at the moment, and nudging at you to try it to. Because they’re great (seriously).


First up, Nivea’s In-Shower Body Moisturiser which means you can have more time in the morning to actually …



BEAUTIFY: Elemis Pro-Radiance

Now it’s no secret that here at Notion we’re big fans of everything and anything Elemis. But there’s a reason for that- their products are hot dang great. Most recently we tried out the new Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm and I know this  is the product for the summer. Bare- …



BEAUTIFY: Let’s get Radical

It’s cold. The heating is on timer. And half the time it’s raining.

Welcome to a British winter time. And welcome back to dry, lifeless skin that comes with the territory.

What we need is a radical shake up- and here it comes in the form of Radical Skincare’s new …


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Beautify: French Pharmacies

On a recent trip to Paris, I realised just why I loved the city so much. It wasn’t the beautiful buildings, the chicly dressed people, nor the perfectly lit walk in the Tuileries I took on a daily basis. It was the pharmacies. This may strike you as strange, but …



Joe Brummell #41 – Super Activator

f you think the word ‘toner’ only applies to printers then you’re spending too much time at the computer, and not enough time thinking about your skin. Toner is a much underused product that fits neatly between cleanser and moisturiser, to slough off dead skin cells and close pores. Traditionally …



Joe Brummell #33– Anthony Sport

Spring is finally upon us, and although we should be wary of ‘peaking too soon’; it is time to start thinking about shorts and sunglasses. There are a few other things that need to be dealt with too. You might still be carrying Christmas weight, or panicking about how you’re …



Joe Brummell #13 – The Big Sleep

I was going to talk about how the modern man is so busy that he needs all the time he can get to look after his skin. Balancing work and social life without compromising either could leave you with little time for the frippery of face masks and expensive moisturisers. …



Joe Brummell #9: Fashion Week Survival Guide

In the run up to London Fashion Week there are many things to worry about. What will you wear? Will your tickets arrive in time? Will it rain and ruin your hair? Will you drink too much champagne before lunchtime and fall asleep in the afternoon? Well, only time will …



Joe Brummell #5: The Mourning, After

There comes a time in every man’s life when the recovery period for a hangover increases from hours, to days. The morning after is inescapable and it comes with plenty of problems: Who is that in my bed? How come my credit card bill says I ordered a bottle …