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Interview: Deadly Vanity

The Bohemian Yacht Club boat cruises have fast earned a reputation in Miami and Toronto not just for their debauchery-filled ways, but also for the sheer quality of music on offer. Having just kicked off the label to some fanfare, the first such individuals to perk up on the new


rooseveltelliot (1)

BOTW In Focus: Roosevelt

“The moments in music that you remember aren’t the bangers or the happy tunes; it’s the ones where there’s a sad or weird feeling.” In a recent interview with Cologne’s Marius Lauber, these were the words with which the German producer justified the melancholic veil hanging over much of his …



BOTW Review: Young Galaxy – Ultramarine

Listening back-to-back to the two albums that bookend the career to date of Canada’s Young Galaxy – their self-titled 2007 debut, and this year’s Ultramarine, their fourth full-length – feels like being in the presence of two entirely separate musical entities. However, while the spacey indie-pop of the …



BOTW Interview: Young Galaxy

With their glorious fourth album, Ultramarine – a hugely visceral, romantic re-imagining of modern synth-pop – due out on Paper Bag next week, Canadian five-piece Young Galaxy gave us an insight into the record’s Swedish production, their attempts to mix up the songwriting process this time around, and why it’s



Video: Jacques Greene presents ‘Vase’

A collaboration between Montreal-based producer Jacques Greene and Londoner Joe Coghill, who was involved with Glasgow’s LuckyMe events, Vase is a cross-media platform for the creative arts whose only requirement is expression and innovation. We recently showcased – in Notion 062 no less – a series of photographs produced …



Interview: Blond:ish

Ahead of their set at Fabric on Saturday, we had a chat with DJ duo Blond:ish.

Having lived in London and Montreal have you noticed a big difference in the dance scenes here, or are they pretty similar? I heard the sound systems at Montreal clubs are way better.



Montreal and MUTEK in pictures

When PlanetNotion’s Editor Seb Law took a trip to Montreal to check out MUTEK, Canada’s first festival of electronic music, he didn’t just return with a review of the event – he also snapped a whole bundle of photos that we can only decribe as amazing. Each of these photos



Montreal: MUTEK sounds better with you

PlanetNotion.com’s Editor Seb Law jetted off to Montreal recently to take a look at what Canada’s first festival of electronic music has to offer. Here’s what he made of it.

My brief three-day sojourn to Montreal’s MUTEK festival is peppered with penny-drop moments about what festivals, were, are and should …



Introducing: Flowers and Sea Creatures

Flowers and Sea Creatures are emerging. As delightful and graphic as that imagery can potentially be, this band are far away from the monstrous likes of Cloverfield, but more represent an audial replica of the divine beauty brought by the development of an elegant flower’s growth.

This encompassing duo debuted …



Clown & Sunset Interview: Valentin Stip

For our final day of the Clown & Sunset special we thought we’d bring you the newest member of the family, Valentin Stip. The Paris, France born 19 year-old, began playing piano at an early age, and after relocating to Montreal, Canada, missed the piano to such an extent that …