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Shoot: What’s Golden

Photographer Ronan Gallagher understands how to capture reflection. Here is the singular Sophie Doogendrijk in a world of her own; an ideal world with no external commitments of any kind:

jacket: vintage Moschino (from Tick Tock Vintage); body suit: Stylist’s own

top: Stylist’s own

top: vintage Versace (


Lorna wearing karen millen 2

Trending: Grunge

Did you go through a grunge phase? I did, when I was about fourteen and I’m quite happy that there is no photographic evidence of this. I dyed my hair (and the entire bathroom) pink, I wore 16-hole Dr. Martens and I was a barrel of laughs. Or not. As


Vintage: Pristine pieces including Versace and Moschino

When PlanetNotion came across the gorgeous vintage pieces available at Nines Vintage we all did a little collective faint. With patterns that are absolutely not available in the high-street, we need some of these items more than we need to breathe.

Offering items for men and women, Nines Vintage have …



Fashion Special / Trainers / G FrSH

The legendary G FrSH has turned his hand to pretty much everything from music to fashion and back again. He’s quite the connoisseur when it comes to trainers, so who better to talk to?

PlanetNotion: Are girls in trainers sexy or is this just since Instagram?
G FrSH: Yes …



OFF-KEY Photography Exhibition

The first in a series of exhibitions presented by Annin Arts, OFF-KEY is a photography display under the direction of 27-year-old stylist Julianna Sseruwagi-Nisbett.  The exhibition is a series of 35 photographs, depicting people wearing items of Italian fashion brand Moschino.  Subjects include Jaime Winstone, Micachu, Shaun Wright Phillips, …