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Groomed: Movember launch ‘The Movember Collection’

It’s nearly that time of year again, when men from all walks of life and from different countries around the world unite in a bid to grow, in many cases hilarious and unflattering, moustaches for charity. Movember is truly a beast like no other – since it’s founding in 2003, …



Joe Brummell #52 – Movember Mo’ Gadgets: i-stubble

You can’t have escaped this year’s Movember festivities. In fact, it feels like the biggest Movember yet; with more mos on more bros than ever before. At this stage we’re around two weeks in, meaning that everyone partaking in the challenge should be in dire need of some facial hair …



Joe Brummell #20 – Wax On, Wax Off

Men are hairy; lets get that straight from the start. It’s a defining genetic feature and love it or hate it its a simple fact, nothing to be ashamed of. Hairy chests, whether in or out of vogue, are one thing. Moustaches and beards, again, are a matter of personal …