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A Celebration of “Bodily Functions”

Matthew Herbert released “Bodily Functions” in 2001 and combined all of his ambitions as a house musician into one massively ambitious album. With sounds of teeth clacking and various other bodily noises, Hebert’s tracks hit some kind of strange euphoria that make it a classic.

In celebration of this classic …


BN_3 (NEW_Nov.2011)

Interview: Boys Noize

Just when we thought a year of brilliantly bold, out-of-body-experience music had reached its peak, Boys Noize went and unleashed ‘The Remixes 2004-2011’ earlier this month. Safe to say we were bowled over to unprecedented prisms.  After extensively trotting the globe performing his techno-infused electro at festival after festival after


ed banger

Review: Ed Banger’s ‘Let The Children Go’ Compilation

What’s French and hot with a liquid electro centre? Duh. Ed Banger Records, of course. When anything is released on Ed Banger, heads otherwise prostrate rise – they are to put it bluntly, a big fucking deal in the dance world. And when you’ve got DJs/acts like Justice, Mehdi, Cassius …



Boys Noize reveals new off-shoot label will release only ‘hot shit’

It’s hard to imagine a musical landscape without Boys Noize. Since he first crashed in to clubbers’ consciousnesses and eardrums back in 2005, the German producer and DJ has established himself as one of the most exciting and important artists around. As well as creating thumping dancefloor favourites, he’s also …