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Album Review: Midnight Juggernauts – Uncanny Valley

First forming in 2004, Melbourne alt. electronica trio Midnight Juggernauts return with their third full-length, Uncanny Valley, this month. It comes off the back of their 2007 debut album, Dystopia, and its 2010 successor, The Crystal Axis, which won the Australian Independent Record Awards (AIR) for Best …


Superdry + Timothy Everest Womenswear launch

News: Superdry and Timothy Everest Reunite

Following a successful previous collaboration, designing a line of jackets for men, Superdry and British tailor Timothy Everest once again join forces to compliment their prior production with a sleek new collection for women. The big reveal came last night, 11th April, at Superdry’s showroom above their flagship store …


Deap Vally

Review: Deap Vally – Album Sampler

Do you like rock music? ‘Cos these girls do. Yes, they did meet at a needlework class, yes they are technically a girl group, but Deap Vally are no twee Phil-Spector wall-of-sound throwback; they’re more like a solid wall of noise. They have connections with all the right people – …



Album Review: Duologue – Song and Dance

With a much delayed rise to (relative) prominence via the twin evils of reality TV (Road to V) and the third series of Skins, London five-piece Duologue have certainly taken their time with their debut album – I mean, Skins was almost four years ago. This begs …