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Rethinking: Woodkid

Reminding ourselves of what one man thought of director Woodkid’s sensational music-video project.

Sat in the Southbank Centre, watching the meticulous maestro soundcheck, Alex Lee Thomson ponders a unique journey from music video director to cinematic soundscape creator that befits a truly unique artist.

Certain artists come and go from …



Angel weighs in on latest music videos

Are music videos seen differently through the eyes of an artist? Are they harsher critics? Do they see things we don’t? We decided to ask Angel. Anyone with musical notes tattooed his face is certainly passionate and with his first studio album ‘About Time’ recently released and two top



BFI celebrates best of Warp Records

The power of the music video should never be under-estimated. Since its birth in the late ‘70s, the typically 3-minute wonder has done marvels for the music industry, threatening at times to outshine the radio star.

In its wonderful 24 years of existence, Warp Records has accompanied its record releases …



Make A Music Video Competition

The Hurtwood Prize for Young Filmmakers is offering a pretty sweet opportunity for all you budding filmmakers out there – make a music video for a track by either The Maccabees, Spector, Lawson or Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and you could win the opportunity to shoot the official video for …