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An Ode to Sky Ferreira

Dear <3 Sky <3,

(Okay, I realise that the chances of Sky Ferreira actually reading this are pretty slim, and why would a ‘model-cum-actress that takes drugs with her grunger boyfriend’ spend her intoxicated weekend soul-searching via social media?)

Anyway, that last sentence was a shameless gambit to highlight the …



Interview: Agnes Obel

Earlier this month, we went along to a private showcase for the sublime Agnes Obel. Playing songs from her highly anticipated forthcoming album, Aventine, Obel serenaded the audience in the quaint environs of St. Pancras Old Church. The album follows the huge success of her debut, Philharmonics,



Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: Jay Z/JT

Welcome to a fresh new, semi-regular column called (as you may have seen from the title) Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: a look ‘behind the music’ at the marketing, promotion and advertising of records, the way our favourite acts conduct their business, and the flipside of stage shows: the money. As



New Track: Howes – ‘Leazes’

Like so many artists these days, Howes, has found success through the wonderful invention of the World Wide Web. With his track ‘Asiko’ already plastered across self-promotion sites such as Soundcloud and the long-forgotten MySpace, he’s proven himself to be a very proactive 19 year old. The teen …



News: Myspace Partners with Gucci Timepieces

Myspace has been around almost as long as Internet social networking. Recently, though, it’s become primarily used for music.  Bands love it for its unique musical sharing interfaces and properties. Gucci has been around considerably longer, producing quality watches and jewelry since the ’20s. As a brand, they’ve always been …



EP Review: Sky Ferreira – Ghost

It feels like Sky Ferreira has been around for, like, ever. She was signed to Parlophone back in 2009 and yet a debut album is still to materialise. Instead, her career has been shaped by a series of fits and starts, haphazard singles, and modelling tangents. Despite initiating her career …



BOTW Interview: AlunaGeorge

We spoke to our BOTW, AlunaGeorge, about their massive online following, RnB vibez, and the importance of aesthetics. 

I genuinely have kept on listening to ‘You Know You Like It’ ever since it first came up on the internet like a year or two ago and you guys have



Top of the Shops – Stylemint.com

The branding powerhouse that is Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have extended their fashion empire (The Row, Elizabeth and James) to an online styling and shopping site. Essentially taking everything the twins have become known for – personal style, glimmers of celebrity and perfectly cut t-shirts, the site plays branding …