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Introducing: Josh Record

Growing up in the south-west seems to have tapped into Josh Record‘s more folky and spiritual side. The 25 year old who’s now been in London for 9 years, hasn’t let the city life perturb his do-gooder ways – with a past of extreme and extensive charitable work, and, …


Sir Sly

Introducing: Sir Sly

In an age where songs and groups seem – by and large – to exist in the public consciousness for ever-diminishing periods of time, Sir Sly have been doing something very interesting, indeed. With each resplendent slice of electronic pop rock to emerge from the mysterious LA trio’s home studio, …



Introducing: Lovelife

Ex-pat RnB duo Lovelife (LVLF) certainly seem to have a lot going for them. Not only were the pair – comprised of Ally Young and Lee Newell – lucky enough to have the chance to relocate from London to NYC; they’ve since shared stages with St. Lucia and Notion favourites …