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New Track: Hawkon – ‘Touching Air’

Picture the world of social media as one large room. Everyone is jumping up and down and screaming, apart from one person standing quietly at the back. His eyes and some of his face is obscured by various different flowers and strange shapes that look like a combination of rock …



Interview: G-FrSH

The south London, self dubbed ‘Flash Affy’ is back and in the style in which we know him best. G-FrSH’s new mixtape ‘Legoman II’ is much like its predecessor ‘Legoman’. However, what may separate the two is G-FrSH’s constant growth both as an emcee and a recording …



Introducing: Butterclock

Berlin by-way-of Paris siren Butterclock – aka Laura Clock — gained recognition last year with her hypnotic vocals layered over oOoOO’s enchantingly skewed productions, including tracks ‘NoWayBack‘ and ‘Springs.’ 2013 promises even bigger things for Butterclock, as she prepares to drop her ‘First Prom’ EP …