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New Track: Deejay Deer ‘Unnatural’

I grew up on my dad’s old funk and blues records; on soul artists whose confessional, intensely personal storytelling made me feel as if I knew Rickie Lee Jones better than my sister, and like John Lee Hooker was just the guy I bought milk from every morning at my …



New Track: Hawkon – ‘Touching Air’

Picture the world of social media as one large room. Everyone is jumping up and down and screaming, apart from one person standing quietly at the back. His eyes and some of his face is obscured by various different flowers and strange shapes that look like a combination of rock …


New Track: Redinho – ‘Playing With Fire’

Numbers ‘secret weapon’, London-based Redinho, has just announced that his eagerly awaited debut album is soon to be released after three years in the making. The albums first robofunk-fuelled taster, ‘Playing With Fire’, is now available to stream.

If you haven’t read the papers recently and didn’t know that …


New Track: SBTRKT ‘NEW DORP. NEW YORK. feat Ezra Koenig’

The long wait is over. The masked marauder, SBTRKT, is back to defend his deserved title as the wizard producer. Since he released his eponymous debut album in 2011, he has elasticated the electronic scene, bringing the often niche-genre to the masses and rearranging the rules of that genre …


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New Track: High Contrast and Claire Maguire – ‘Who’s Loving You (Part 2)’

As his name suggests, contrast is the key and High Contrast has continued to defy conventional bass boundaries since he signed to Hospital Records in 2000. His music seems to rapidly progress from one year to the next comfortably hybridising samba, jazz and hip hop elements to the eminent 160 …


Photo courtesy of http://www.pedroandradetv.com/en/shot-you-down-by-florie-2/

New Track: Florrie – ‘Little White Lies’

It all started with a drum kit and a self confessed love for the Spice Girls – Florrie is the girl who moved to London at the tender age of 17 and eight years later has a substantial base of adoring fans.

This artist has the whole package. The British …



New track: Vaults – ‘Cry No More’

We have just had the delights of new band, Vaults, play on our stereo. The debut track, ‘Cry no More’, is an epic production of lush strings and strong vocals, intertwined with hypnotising chimes and piano keys. There is not much to our knowledge who the band are, but needless …



New track: Haim – ‘The Wire’ (Tourist Remix)

We’re not sure if you guys are aware, but we do love a bit of Haim at Notion. They graced the cover of issue 64, and we are very excited about their new remix of ‘The Wire’ by Tourist. It’s an upbeat mix of cascading beats and heavily processed …


New track: FTSE – ‘Lost In Translation’

Midlands-based Sam Manville, aka FTSE, has dropped his new track, ‘Lost In Translation’. Lifted from the forthcoming EP, FTSE II,  the track is a chilled  mix of house beats and thanks to co-vocalist Femme, she insists “I just gotta get some sleep and I’ll be fine”. Having made …



Introducing: Joe Hertz

It’s very easy to be one of the many artists or producers in today’s industry to create throwaway music. Managing to get everything right, from the melodies to arranging the beats takes time, persistence and talent. For Joe Hertz, he has what it takes, and then some. His new …