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Track-by-Track: Lover Lover – There Is a Place

Since its release at the tail-end of last year, Lover Lover‘s debut album, There Is a Place, has always felt like a record ripe for deciphering. Whether it’s in the series of mysterious glyphs that encircle the lettering on the LP’s cover, or the rich narrative of love,



Album Review: Empire of the Sun – Ice on the Dune

After five years, Australian duo Empire of the Sun ignite their second album, Ice on the Dune, with the orchestral ‘Lux’. Precisely one minute and twenty-six seconds of Ancient Egyptian melodic mantras, snake-charming refrains and epic drum rolls build anticipation for a record we almost gave up waiting for. …



Interview: Peter Mayes of Pnau

Pnau has been on our playlist since their debut in the late 1990s, what with their unforgettably smooth and uplifting trademark melodies. Listening to their tracks, from Solid Ground to Embrace, it wasn’t long before we considered them as gods of dance music. After having focused on their side project