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#LCM AW14: Backstage at Nicole Farhi

Here at Notion we strive to bring you #thetruth, and we believe that a healthy dose of transparency will do just that. What could be better than an invitation to dissect a fashion show? Our photographers pinned the LC:M shows to the table so that we could all better understand …



#LCM AW13 Report Day 2

Header image: (left-right): Richard Nicoll, Matthew Miller, Christopher Shannon

In the main, we let Twitter do the talking with regards to our LCM coverage. However, although 140 characters may have sufficed to set the scene, there’s only so much enthusiastic exclaims of HOT MODEL / FREE BOOZE / X trend



Blogger Interview: Stu Bradley

Right it’s here, LFW starts tomorrow! It’s basically Christmas eve here at Planet Notion, except with a lot less necking mince pies in your dressing gown and a lot more frenzied screams of  ‘But what the fresh hell am I going to wear?!’ Today I chatted with fellow …



LCM: Nicole Farhi

Standing calmly backstage, with a mere 20 minutes before the show’s scheduled start time, Nicole Farhi appears a beacon of serenity in an otherwise crowed room of people talking into ear pieces and glancing constantly at their watches. When you’ve presented as many collection’s as Farhi has, I guess you