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News: Studio 338 ‘Welcome to the Terrace’

We realise that London has one of the most unique, exciting and eclectic nightlife scenes in the world and we love it. However, there are moments where we cry out for something new, and the recession hasn’t really helped the clubbing scene. In steps new venue, and apparently the largest  …



New Nightlife: There For The Making?

There’s so much more that your Friday night drinks could be than just ‘drinks with the lads.’ You could be exploring hidden nooks of the city, creating a visually stunning installation, being a part of an unforgettable moment that’s shared around the world…or just having a brilliant evening with your …



Live Review: Phantogram

Electro-rock duo Phantogram appeared out of what must have been a pretty magical box two years ago, as they’ve reached dizzying heights in their native America since then. Sold out US tour? Check. Support the likes of The XX & The Flaming Lips? Check. Slot on Late Night With Jimmy …



Interview: Phantogram

Having just released their latest EP, Nightlife we were keen to chat to the lovely New York based, electro-rock duo Phantogram. With Wayne Coyne in their phonebook and touring with the likes of The Antlers & The XX, you can check out our quick fire interview with the pair below.



OMG: Smirnoff’s Dance Sensation

Christ alive, Smirnoff are out to blow. our. MINDS  this year with ‘Sensation’, which has been dubbed ‘The World’s Biggest Dance Event’.  Alongside some of the world’s top D.J.s will be performances from acrobats, lightshows, fireworks and more. Sensation, which launched over ten years ago in 2000, has so far …