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Album Review: Raffertie – Sleep of Reason

It’s hard to believe that Sleep of Reason is Raffertie’s debut album when the London-based producer and composer’s name has been floating about for a good few years now. Raffertie – real name Benjamin Stefanski – has put his name to several EPs and singles as well as remixes …


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To See At Lovebox: Notion Picks Sunday

Okay, so here’s some advice. As much as you’re gonna want to drink gallons of The Beer on Friday and Saturday until you collapse in a sleepy, smelly mess inside the oriental pavillion in Victoria Park, it’s OBLIGATORY that you pace yourself and make sure you won’t be an entire



London In Stereo Presents… Gigs Of The Week #4

We are back from The Great Escape and we are musically satiated. Planet Notion saw around ten bands, which we reckon is pretty good going for one person, one day’s commuting to the coast in the soaking rain, one day drinking 7.8% cider and one day being hungover. O_o. The


Jessie Ware at o2 Academy Leeds

Festival Review: Live At Leeds

140 bands, 15 venues, 1 city.

But of course, Live At Leeds is much more than a group of synchronized gigs. Set up in 2007 by the local council and music promotion business Futuresound, the festival strives to give local bands a larger platform than would normally be available for …



Niki & The Dove, New Single. You heard it hear first

Previous Notion mag cover stars Niki and The Dove are releasing their new single ‘Tomorrow’ from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Instinct.’ The track is available to purchase and stream on 14th May 2012.

It’s magical, distinctive sound can be experienced here on youtube. The new album is said to be …



Niki & The Dove UK Tour

This issue’s Notion cover stars, Niki & The Dove, have announced their UK tour dates. The duo (Malin Dahlstrom, Gustaf Karlof) are releasing their debut album Instinct on 14th May. After forming only two years ago, Niki have achieved 5th positionl on the BBC Sound Of 2012 poll and their …



JA JA JA Returns!

There is something truly infectious about music that comes from our Nordic friends- we’re thinking Niki & the Dove, Annie, Lindstron, well you get it. So, we’re beyond ready for the return of always a big night out, JA JA JA. We’ve been going to their nights for a while, …



BOTW: Niki & the Dove Download!

Band of the Week Niki & the Dove released single ‘The Fox’ earlier this week, and it included amazing b-side ‘Gentle Roar’. The original is an amazingly eerie pop track that will give you the tingles, and when we saw the extremely talented electronic musician, Mylo, had done a remix …



BOTW: Niki & The Dove Video- ‘DJ Ease My Mind’

Back on Monday when we introduced Niki & the Dove, we mentioned that they had some interesting videos for their first two singles, ‘DJ Ease My Mind’ and ‘Under The Bridge’. Instead of the usual stock options- band performing live, band in some sort of ‘story’, or some sort …



BOTW Review: Niki & the Dove ‘The Fox’

Swedish duo and Band of the Week’s, Niki & the Dove, second single, ‘The Fox,’ only continues to show how talented this pair is at making dark pop. Title track is said to be inspired by an interview with a Swedish author that described a cure for insomnia in which …