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Calling All Designers: The Future of Fashion Program

In the states we have a show that Madame Tyra Banks hosts, it’s a show in which young models have a chance at finding stardom, or at least a way into reality TV. It’s a hard business, fashion. You have to have skill, style, and the ability to be …



Top of the Shops – Not Just a Label

Having only experienced NJAL from the other side of the fence (as a seller) it’s interesting and more than a little bit enjoyable to come back and browse as a shopper. The website works as a traditional online marketplace in order to support upcoming designers but with added extras like …


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LFW Interview: Eleanor Amoroso

Not Just a Label resident, Eleanor Amoroso is a dab-hand with a pair of knitting needles. Ridiculously technical fringing and knotting expertise infiltrate through her archives entirety and this season sees no change in that premise. A deliberate muted palette is the choice du jour as Eleanor is wholly committed



Eleanor Amorso: Fringe Benefits

London dwelling Eleanor Amorso is a designer that truly understands craftsmanship; clothing that is elevated far beyond its purpose (albeit to me every universal thread has its beauty). Every piece is hand made entirely of fringe that fits and moves with the body perfectly. Eleanor’s AW11 collection is dark, refined, …



ANGELA, She Makes us Want to…BANG!

Angela Bang by name – and bang it seems by nature. Designer Angela Bang creates infamously sexy collections, that celebrate the female form in every inch of its glory. Far more Ursula Andress femme fatale than pornographic playboy, Miss Angela uses a combination of black and sheers to cover (just …