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Video: Hurts – ‘Blind’

After releasing a teaser trailer earlier in the week, we can now bring to you, straight from the wonderfully creative brain of the Hurts boys Theo and Adam, the latest video for their single ‘Blind’, released on 12th May. A tragic love story, it follows a deeply turbulent relationship written …



Notion 062 Interview: Fenech Soler

With no jaw-dropping scandals to report, no major fall-outs, and little clamouring for attention, it’s safe to say Fenech Soler have been keeping a fairly low profile for the past few years. Alice Simkins encounters them as that’s all poised to change, with their second album ready to land.

Despite …


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Notion 062 Dialogue: Corrie Nielsen

She might not be a household name, but then who really wants to be a household name? SEB LAW visits British fashion designer CORRIE NIELSEN at her studio to find out why:

Speak to any fashion insider about Corrie Nielsen and it’s like you’ve entered a secret club. They’ll gasp …



Notion 062: Interview – Foals

Born in the blaze of a burning-down music industry and bringing guitars back to flaming life in Holy Fire, FOALS continue to make their incendiary case for being the most important British band of the day.  Grab your copy here.

Britain’s indie music landscape in 2007 was weird. The …



Hurts Takeover Week: Exclusive Video

We love the Hurts boys. We think you love them too, but probably not as much as we do here in Notion HQ. If you did you’d probably wish you could hang out with them. We wished we could, and then we did as we shot them for the cover …


Hurts: A Life on the Run

Hurts: A Life on the Run – Notion 062 Cover Story

For the cover of Notion 062, Peter Robinson interviews Hurts ahead of the release of their new album ‘Exile’. Grab your copy here.

As Britain’s best band return for a second album of grandiose pop pageantry that dwarves all around, PETER ROBINSON follows HURTS as they chase adventure and



New Track: Jess Mills – ‘Sweet Love’

The wonderful Jess Mills is a star of our latest issue of Notion and, hot off the press, she has just unveiled her first new music of 2013. Her track ‘Sweet Love’ pays homage to the Anita Baker classic but with Mills’ contemporary twist applied. The track is a free …


Hurts Takeover Week: Notion 062 Photos

For the cover of Notion 062, Peter Robinson interviews Hurts ahead of the release of their new album ‘Exile’. Here’s a set of pictures from the feature, photographed by Mathias Sterner, styled by Alexis Knox and directed by Hidden Agency. They all look better in print of course, …



Hurts Takeover Week: Books

All this week, it’s Hurts takeover week on PlanetNotion. We interviewed the dynamic duo for Notion 062′s cover and they’ve put together a series of their influences for your delectation. First up, it’s books.

1. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being by Milan Kundera

An existential novel that takes place mainly …



Video: Lewis Watson – ‘Into the Wild’

Into the Wild‘, the first track unveiled from Lewis Watson‘s forthcoming third EP, The Wild, stands proudly as one of the 20 year-old singer-songwriter’s most fully realised and potent indie-folk songs yet. It’s dominated by hymnal chants, rousing choruses and Watson’s whispered confessionals, all of which …