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Hurts: A Life on the Run

Hurts: A Life on the Run – Notion 062 Cover Story

For the cover of Notion 062, Peter Robinson interviews Hurts ahead of the release of their new album ‘Exile’. Grab your copy here.

As Britain’s best band return for a second album of grandiose pop pageantry that dwarves all around, PETER ROBINSON follows HURTS as they chase adventure and



Hurts Takeover Week: Films

Next up in our series of features exploring the influences of Notion 062 cover stars Hurts is the band’s filmic influences; find out below what movies have been influencing the duo’s distinctly cinematic take on synthpop.

1. Wild at Heart (1990)

Based on the 1989 novel of the same name, …


Hurts Takeover Week: Notion 062 Photos

For the cover of Notion 062, Peter Robinson interviews Hurts ahead of the release of their new album ‘Exile’. Here’s a set of pictures from the feature, photographed by Mathias Sterner, styled by Alexis Knox and directed by Hidden Agency. They all look better in print of course, …



Hurts Takeover Week: Books

All this week, it’s Hurts takeover week on PlanetNotion. We interviewed the dynamic duo for Notion 062′s cover and they’ve put together a series of their influences for your delectation. First up, it’s books.

1. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being by Milan Kundera

An existential novel that takes place mainly …


Jamie Lidell

Notion 062 Interview: Jamie Lidell

With an experimental approach and an imitable sound, Jamie Lidell has always been a leftfield musician. After fifteen years in the biz, and with a new album about to drop, is this the time he makes it big? Not likely, says our Online Ed Seb Law, but that’s exactly the



Notion 062 Dialogue: Rhye

For the first issue of the year, in Notion 062, Lauren Down speaks to Robin Hannibal, one of the duo responsible for the sensual, minimalist and classically leaning sonics of Rhye. Get your copy here.


__Field Notes

  1. Breakout track ‘The Fall’ was in fact the first the duo


Out Now


The first Notion of the new year: fashion inspired by music and fashion inspired music galore. Hurts head up a brilliant new issue that also features the schamazing Nicole Scherzinger and #2 album scoring Foals, alongside forward new season fashion tips, trends and editorials guaranteed to excite. Notion 062 goes …