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Notion 067 Dialogue: Ella Henderson

A disconcerting old soul, perhaps, but 18-year old Ella Henderson is just getting started, as ALIM KHERAJ finds out.

Being 18 is a scary time for anyone. Being 18 and launching a music career must be completely terrifying. Yet, as I sit down with Ella Henderson, former X Factor contestant …



Angel Haze Week: In Conversation with Angel Haze

It took seven months between Angel Haze finishing her debut record and the actual release of Dirty Gold – a period that incited arguments with her label, a promise to her fans, and consequently, an impromptu album leak. But when the album finally reached our ears, one thing was obvious:



News: Angel Haze x Bastille – ‘Weapon’

Angel Haze and Bastille have been working together – Say WHAT!? The two artists are on tour atm, and have obviously found some time to record some sweet music. One such song, ‘Weapon’, is a departure for Bastille, as the song sees Haze take front of stage. It’s a dark …



Miley Cyrus to Cover Notion Magazine Issue 65

One of the world’s most talked about popstars with one of the year’s most viewed music videos, a fierce entertainer with a passionate fandom dedicated to her art, and a bright young woman who knows how to werk and have fun, the ferociously fascinating Miley Cyrus is the latest global …



Issue 64 Feature: HAIM

When people talk about the buzz surrounding a new band, a meteoric rise to fame is always on the cards but having playing together for 7 years with 5 failed EP recordings under their belts, we spoke to the Haim sisters to find out why taking their time and doing


Miguel takeover Week Notion Magazine

Miguel Takeover Week: Exclusive video

Worldwide superstar Miguel has been busy touring a select few dates in the UK this year. And, being the kind-hearted gentleman that he is, he’s been keeping his loyal fans up to date with his tour antics via online video diaries. This time around, PlanetNotion are pleased to announce that …



Album Review: Charli XCX – True Romance

Seeing as the debut album from Notion 60 cover star Charli XCX is premiering over on that weird Pitchfork album streaming thing, we thought we’d let you have a read of our review, published in the new issue of Notion out on 18th April. Enjoy oioi.

Charli XCX has …



Notion 062 Dialogue: Rhye

For the first issue of the year, in Notion 062, Lauren Down speaks to Robin Hannibal, one of the duo responsible for the sensual, minimalist and classically leaning sonics of Rhye. Get your copy here.


__Field Notes

  1. Breakout track ‘The Fall’ was in fact the first the duo



Notion 60 Feature: HYPERREALZ – The Tumblr Generation

For Notion 60, Fashion Director ALEXIS KNOX selects the 2k12 school of super kawaii creatives in LDN refixing aesthetics for the perma-on tumblr generation, where a picture is not just worth a thousand words—it’s actually replaced them.



Click the images for …


Marques Toliver & Lianne La Havas in Notion Magazine 60

Notion 60 Cover Story: Lianne La Havas & Marques Toliver

For the cover of Notion Magazine issue 60, we bring together two brilliant artists: the seductive songstress and Mercury-nominee Lianne La Havas stars with the indescribably brilliant popstar violinist Marques Toliver. In an exclusive photoshoot and interview, the two chart the course of a creative friendship. Get your copy here.