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Shoot: Curtain Call

Here at Notion we aim to bring you the best. You deserve it. This week, we’ve got a delectable shoot inspired by the theatre.The lights have gone down, and the audience is applauding. Fashion is ready to take to the stage. Do you hear that boys? It’s time for your …



Finding Our Own Desert Utopia With Flossy’s Desert Boot at Office

Flossy is no longer a brand worn by just yachting Barcelonans- although a yachting Barcelonan sounds like a pretty nice clientele to me. Flossy is stepping out this season, in a big way, by introducing the new Desert Boot. This boot is a desert utopia for your feet. Sticking with …



A Blast From The Past with JUJU Jellies

JUJU Footwear have reintroduced their popular 90′s line of jellies for Spring/Summer 2012.

The jellies, available in a variety of styles, including the chunky heeled “Babe” and the buckled “Maxi”, will go on sale alongside their current range in Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Office from £16.

What do you …



The Hautelist #15: Espadrilles

Yes, The Hautelist has been on hiatus for the Summer (in fact, we’ve been in barometer rehab, but we’d rather not talk about that if you don’t mind…)….

Anyway, according the weather man we still have a splattering of good weather left in the year, so we thought we’d return …



The Hautelist #8: Wedges

I’ll never forget my first encounter with wedges; the shoe, not the potato snack…although strangely I could probably recount my first encounter with them too.  Anyway, it was some point in the mid-nineties.  The Spice girls were at the height of their fame, and I along with my best friend …