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BEAUTIFY: Willow Organic

Organic. It makes everything seem a little on the poncy side doesn’t it? Organic coffee, organic carrots… Can you really tell the difference? Probably not.

However with Organic skincare- it’s a different story. You can tell a difference: your skin shows it to you. And that’s a big thing for …



BEAUTIFY: Weatherproof skin

The seasons are ‘a changing. And God knows what that means in the UK. Wind, rain, hail- a really hot day thrown in here- sub-minus temperatures, heating on full, hot baths, air conditioning, more hail- a flash flood. You know, the usual. And if any year has proven itself to …



BEAUTIFY: Smell you later

… that’s what I say to my beloved collection of candles when I leave the house everyday. (Not *at all* inspired by the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme…)

I love candles. And chances are- you love candles. I like buying them, looking at them, taking them out of their …



BEAUTIFY: Skincare+ Plus…

When cold weather strikes (or rather, thunder and gail force winds as seems to be the case), it’s always important to protect your skin from being messed about and dried out -even in the pouring rain.

Aesop has long been a favourite of mine and so it’s a given that’s …



BEAUTIFY: Products of the Week

Which products have caused a fuss in Notion HQ over the last week?

1. Egyptian Magic

To call this a multi-tasking balm doesn’t quite cut it. It can be used on your cuticles, on spots, on cuts, or even on the tips of your hair. It softens, heals and gives …



BEAUTIFY: Post-holiday skin

The fact that you could come back from holiday without perfectly sunned and smooth, healthy looking skin is not usually something you think of. I sure didn’t think it, but sadly- it did happen to me. A holiday to Italy translated itself in my head as tan, cocktails and um, …



BEAUTIFY: Balance Me

Balance Me. It says it all in the name. Balancing your skin care regime through beauty that works naturally. Filling your skin with all the elements it can so easily miss out on with a modern lifestyle.

Our two favourites from the range are the Super Toning Body Oil and …



BEAUTIFY: Summer Detox Tips

I’m sorry to be so ironic and talk about this thing called ‘summertime’ on the wettest of all days in London. But, hey- as we saw this weekend it IS out there somewhere, and it’s good to be prepared.

Prepared for when you get your ass out. Or just any …



BEAUTIFY: Shine Bright

Oil. Not just for your car- but for your body. Don’t ingest though, please.

Oil is great for skin and hair (and therefore a great multi-usage product) as it softens, tones and even removes frizz from everything it touches (turn to gold). Here is Beautify’s pick of the best oils:…



BEAUTIFY: Meet the Doctor

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to meet Dr Jackson- the doctor behind the new skincare products that are slowly but surely making their way into every editors favourites box. And rightly so, Dr Jackson’s natural cosmeceuticals come from his extensive (nineteen years!) research all over the …