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Fe press shot

New track: Fé unveil dubut single ‘Time’

‘Time’ is the debut single from London duo, . Band mates Leo and Ben are set to release the single on September 23rd. The track is a simple and modern production, with a memorable intro, which lays the foundations for catchy hooks throughout the track. Upon meeting in London, …



Live Review: The Sunshine Underground @ Old Blue Last

The Sunshine Underground are a band you might vaguely know if you were into guitar music about seven years ago, but generally they’ve done well to not bother the music radars since their very pleasing debut ‘Raise The Alarm’ and relative smash hit ‘Commercial Breakdown’. They’re keen to dive straight …



London In Stereo Presents… Gigs Of The Week #19

This week London In Stereo picks some awesome gigs from the FORMIDABLE Patti Smith, the über-euphoric Chad Valley, and loads more. Take a peek at the full listings below.

London In Stereo s Gigs Of The Week

Patti Smith and her BandThe Troxy – Thursday 13th



London In Stereo Presents… Gigs Of The Week #12

If youre one of the Really Sad Ravers that got turned away from Bloc this weekend only to traipse to Hyperdubs sold out last minute night and splash in the rain down to XOYOs FlyLo/The Weeknd-headlined show to find out its full



London In Stereo Presents… Gigs Of The Week #11

Last week one of PlanetNotion’s friends was dubbed a “regular” at the Old Blue Last – over-frequenting a gig venue meant for eighteen-year-olds is so hot right now. We need to grow up and start going to the theatre, but that’s not going to be happening any time soon. Because,



Lusting over Gwilym Gold

Bringing you news on a gorgeously and atmospherically acoustic male artist, Gwilym Gold. His sound is literally golden in this track ‘Lust For Sale.’

So here’s the news: Bronze Club and Paint it Black announce GG’s first headline show in nearly a year! We think everyone should welcome him back …



Review: Dignan Porch- Deluded EP

Dignan Porch are the latest lo-fi (yes, another) four-piece based in Gilbey Road, Tooting. Their overall lyrical and instrumental style is pretty much parallel with that of Best Coast, only slightly more indolent, and without the nod towards ‘60s girl groups. Replace the motown-esque influence with a persuasion more towards …


valentines day

Countdown: V Day

As tempting as it might be to sit in tonight and be full of hate, fight it. Also fight the equally tempting idea to go out armed with a carrier bag filled with rocks and eggs and set about ‘fucking couples shit up’, as trust us, that won’t get you …



BOTW: Introducing Rodeo Massacre

If you like your guitars dirty, your organs a-whirlin’, and your rhythm sections thumping enough to induce a migrane, then Rodeo Massacre are for you. If you’re a bit sick of ambient blips and bleeps, or (on the other side of the spectrum) countless remixes “complimented” by walls of ridiculous …