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Is Record Store Day Losing its Indie Label Lustre?

When Record Store Day kicked off in 2008 it seemed like a great excuse for a party with a cause. Throwing an international event to draw music lovers into stores, promote local artists and chuck much needed funds the way of the struggling record sales industry has obvious benefits: many …


Cover Reissues

Re-releases, special editions and re-masters: how far is too far?

If you have an original copy of The Beatles ‘Please Please Me’ on vinyl – the earliest 1963 release – you could cash in at over £10,000. There simply weren’t many of them on first pressing, but in various formats almost one hundred versions of the debut have been printed



StubHub: The White Knight of Tickets

As much as we’d love to plan our lives six months in advance, sadly it rarely quite works out like that. We are forever missing out on events because we only realise they’re happening the week before, at which point they’re usually sold out. Either that or we planned really …



2012: The Year Of The Teen Pop Idol

Yes, it’s that time of year again: here comes another retrospective in which the last twelve months is dissected and analysed until the desperate journalist attempts to contextualise some aspect of the past year via a process of extrapolation that may lead to the identification of a trend. In all …



Capital FM + Blackberry Secret Santa

Secret Santas are the best solution to gift-giving in big groups of people. Instead of buying something for all of your five, ten, twenty, however many friends you have, each person gets one other person something.  Bam!  Done!

Wait, you have 346 friends?  How is that even possible?

Oh, I …