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Cover Reissues

Re-releases, special editions and re-masters: how far is too far?

If you have an original copy of The Beatles ‘Please Please Me’ on vinyl – the earliest 1963 release – you could cash in at over £10,000. There simply weren’t many of them on first pressing, but in various formats almost one hundred versions of the debut have been printed


no ceremony

Album Review: No Ceremony/// – No Ceremony///

NO CEREMONY/// have proven themselves to be a bit of an enigma. Intentional or not, there has been a shroud of mystery surrounding the band’s identity. We heard infectious dark, electronic pop with heart-breaking, gloomy vocals, and we liked it. But who was making this mesmerising music?

Our answer was …



EP Review: Story Books – Too Much A Hunter

Good novels need to be well written with captivating characters, plot twists and a healthy dose of drama. Kent-based five-piece Story Books are beginning to show how they live up to their childlike namesake on their debut EP, Too Much A Hunter, thanks to the thought-provoking words of tender-voiced …



Album Review: Born Ruffians – Birthmarks

On Birthmarks, Canadian indie-rockers, Born Ruffians, have managed to craft a bright and high-spirited album, that doesn’t sound patronising, annoying or empty-headed.

The opening track and first single ‘Needle’ immediately grabs listeners by the heartstrings. The simple, natural indie-pop backbeat and the high-pitched chorus sweep you from your …



Album Review: Noah and the Whale – Heart of Nowhere

2006 saw the debut of Noah and the Whale, a pleasantly angsty teen indie rock band. Seven years down the line, and they’ve just released album number four: Heart of Nowhere, and not much has changed. They’ve still got their fingers trained on the pulse of the collective …



Album Review: Junip – s/t

Junip have made something very special. The self-titled debut album from José González, Elias Araya and Tobias Winterkorn, takes the listener on a journey, opening up the deepest areas of one’s psyche, allowing the listener to reach within the caverns of their own being whilst also coming up for air …



Shambalans Say: ‘Protect the Punk’

We were chatting to our mates over at Shambala Festival recently about their event, and we got all passionate and riled-up about ‘the state of the music industry’ and the usual things that music journos talk about over their 4th pint on a Wednesday. We gave them carte blanche