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Track Premiere: P Money – ‘Bass In Ya Face’

Ah, grime. One of those forlorn British genres that seems to have found itself shrouded by 280p YouTube videos, an inherent back-and-forth artist ‘beef’, and Lethal Bizzle ranting down a webcam using slang too ridiculous to make it onto Urban Dictionary. Then on the other end of the spectrum, you …



What do Drawings of the London Underground say About Underground Artists?

We grouped together some of the UK’s leading underground artists and asked them to draw the London Underground tube map from memory… why? Well, just for a laugh really. Then we thought we should probably add some kind of journalistic element, being that we are such a cool, cutting-edge publication.



Interview: P Money

P (No name, just a letter motherfucker) Money is back, fully equipped with his first solo offering for some time. Not only do we get a single, but also a new 5 track EP, Round The Clock. We caught up with the south London MC to discuss the death of



Converse Block Party

Converse, if there were ever a shoe more synonymous with music culture, we can’t think of one. And so, what better way to celebrate the launch of the new Star Player range, a variation on the classic Chuck Taylor, than with a free underground block party.

Taking place in London’s …



EXIT Festival 2011: In Review

This year’s EXIT Festival was built on a line-up that had somehow been procured from Marcus Barnes’ brain – so naturally he had to return to Croatia.



Revenge of Popular Culture #2: Lying

“I may be back next week with my attempt to find a brand “new” band for you”

I lied. Like we all lie, I lied. I lied. I lied.

Well, when I say I lied, I mean exaggerated. I’ll be talking about some new music, but I did exaggerate. …