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Dum Dum Girls 9 (2011)

Guest Playlist: Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls returned only this year with their new album, Too True. Initially, writing for the record started in the summer of 2012, a period which songwriter, Dee Dee Penny, found difficult. The writing process – a seemingly lonely and trying time for Dee Dee -  took its


Broken TwinMajke Voss RommeAnti Records

Moodboard: Broken Twin

Although seemingly simple at first, the fascinating music by Broken Twin instantly grabs the listener by the heart and doesn’t let go. Haunting vocals and soft piano harmonies combined with melancholic lyrics make up the minimalist, lo-fi, warm sound that is so appealing. Majke Voss Romme, the singer-songwriter known best …



Musogyny: The NME Awards Finally Gives A Nod to a Female Deity

Everyone knows it’s a man’s world out there (thanks James Brown) but there is none more so than the big bad world of music. From Miley’s twerking to Sinead’s slut shaming, these last months have seen an upward trajectory in the debate around gender issues within music. Rest assured that



Album Review: Dum Dum Girls – Too True

Dee Dee & co are back with Too True, their first full-length since 2011’s Only in Dreams. Coming off the back of two very different EPs in 2011’s He Gets Me High and its 2012 follow-up End of Daze, Too True continues to see Dum Dum Girls



Interview: Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett is a woman who doesn’t mince her words. She’s a natural storyteller with literal lyrics consisting of day-to-day observations about gardening accidents, masturbation and the people she meets along the way.

At just 25-years-old, she’s forging an independent, self-sufficient path in many ways; starting her own record label



BOTW Moodboard: Young Galaxy

Our BOTW, Canadian five-piece Young Galaxy, has just dropped their fourth full-length album, Ultramarine. Their sound is unique, inventive, and brilliant, all qualities that set us thinking, “What’s trending with Young Galaxy these days?” The artists have provided us with this insightful moodboard, explaining the art, music, literature,



Moodboard: San Cisco

Australian four piece Indie Pop band San Cisco let us know what inspires them. Its a mix of food, books, music and Bafta winning documentaries. Check it out below.

I have loved Seinfeld for as long as i can remember, probably since it was originally aired. I went …



Interview: James Long

We’ll just go ahead and admit it: James Long is one of our biggest fashion designer crushes of the moment. When we interviewed him, we were blown away by his knowledge and dedication to British fashion design. Check out this interview, in which the man himself talks to Notion about


hop farm

Festivals: Hop Farm Review

‘Keep your festival, this is a people’s festival’ heckles Patti Smith from the main stage on a sunlit Saturday afternoon. And there you have it, the American punk rock singer-songwriter has summarised the whole event in one breath.

Five years in and Hop Farm is still as fresh as a …



LFW Interview: Topman Design

“I’m Waiting For The Man” sounding though the Royal Opera House could not have rang any truer on the last day of LFW. As you may or may not know the last day is menswear day; everyone’s (aka my) favourite in the five-day long bitchy, disorganised fug at Somerset House.