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Meet our BOTW: Ariana and the Rose

New York’s Ariana DiLorenzo is a women of many, many talents. From acting onstage in experimental theatre troupes and onscreen with a cameo in The Sopranos to popping up in Paul McCartney videos and partying with Lady Gaga, and all the while making amazing pop records with Ariana and the



Pop Musik #9

Well it seems that this past week, the Olympics have overshadowed everything, especially here in London. With musical performances by the Arctic Monkeys, Emeli Sandé and British institution Paul McCartney, the opening ceremony was a rich, vibrant, epic celebration of our culture and history and I think we were all …



BOTW Interview: St.Lucia

It’s another Wednesday folks, and you know what that means: Our BOTW interview. Before his vacation in December, I was determined to get as much inside information on St.Lucia as I possibly could, what not with his recent release of his stunning debut album n’ all. Respectively, St.Lucia fitted PlanetNotion …



Justus Köhncke – Spiralen Der Erinnerung

I’d come across Mr Köhncke’s work before, usually on obscure compilations or blogs at the edge of the dance music continuum, possibly on a Lazpod or two? This wacky (that word had to be used) full length album by Köhncke is definitely influenced by the Krautrock genre, but actually references …